The price of solar panels has decreased dramatically over the past decade, making it cheaper than ever to go solar.

Why Finance?

You can choose whether to own your solar system or lease it from a third party. Here's why ownership gets you the most bang for your buck.
  • You’re in control of the system

    This includes costs and benefits. When you lease a system from a third party, they own the system and you pay a recurring fee to use the electricity.

  • Cost Effective

    By owning your system, you get to enjoy all the savings on your electric bill that would otherwise go to the solar company.

  • Hassle free

    With a $0 down solar loan, you pay nothing upfront and make small payments over a fixed period of time.

  • Savings outweigh the loan payment

    That’s easy money saved each month. And after your last loan payment, all the savings go straight to your wallet.

Loaning vs. Leasing

From taking advantage of tax incentives to selling your home, here are the important differences between loaning and leasing your solar system.
Benefit Lease loan
Increase Your Home value x
easy to sell your home x
claim federal tax credit x
no repayment penalty x
Low Minimum credit score x